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The new E-Class

Evolve with you

Introducing the New E-Class: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

The new E-Class is an ambassador of two worlds: befitting its status, even in this interpretation it remains the most progressive business sedan. It is a symbol of modern sophistication that seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional elegance and cutting-edge electric technology.

The E-Class exudes self-assured sportiness, harmoniously blending classic 3-box design elegance with forward-thinking elements. Notice the black panel element, inspired by the progressive design of our all-electric Mercedes-EQ models. Opt for the optional illuminated radiator grille contour, a striking feature at the front of the E-Class. At the rear, the two-part lights showcase a unique Mercedes-Benz signature, emphasizing the car's width and confident stance. Inside, the E-Class impressively marries digital and analog luxury in its standard AVANTGARDE interior. Futuristic large displays and touch control panels define the cabin's ambiance, while traditional high-quality materials like wood and leather pay homage to Mercedes-Benz heritage.

Future-Ready Technology:

The E-Class is not just a car; it's a technological marvel. With optional features like the MBUX Superscreen and a 5G-capable communication module, it's more connected and intelligent than ever. You can even participate in professional meetings from the comfort of your car. Yet, when you desire it, the E-Class remains a haven of tranquility, boasting exceptional noise levels and an array of comfort features that elevate it to a class of its own.

Experience a new era of connectivity with two groundbreaking premieres. Our innovative MBUX routines offer personalized, intelligent suggestions for comfort and entertainment, enhancing your driving experience. Plus, our multimedia system now integrates a fully-fledged app store, taking in-car entertainment to new heights.