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The new GLE

Know your Way

Unleashing Excellence: The All-New Mercedes-Benz GLE Redefines Superiority

The Mercedes-Benz GLE, as a premium SUV, consistently sets new benchmarks. With its facelift, it continues to uphold this tradition by showcasing an unmistakable exterior design, a luxuriously elegant interior, and cutting-edge technology that transforms driving into an unforgettable experience. Bolstered by a sophisticated safety concept, the GLE delivers driving pleasure at the highest level. In essence, if there's one word to summarize the GLE, it would be simply "superior."

Discover the remarkable updates to the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz GLE, with a specific focus on its front-end design. The redesigned front apron boasts a more pronounced shape, accentuating the GLE's powerful and sporty presence.

A true showstopper, the radiator grille features two slats in high-tech silver, complemented by chrome-plated inserts and vertical struts in high-gloss black.

In conjunction with the AMG Line exterior, the radiator grille receives a striking enhancement—an exquisite diamond grille adorned with the iconic Mercedes-Benz pattern in chrome, enhanced further by individual louvers. Experience the mesmerizing visual allure of the GLE's exterior transformation.

Discover the Exclusivity of the All-New GLE's Luxurious Interior

Experience an elevated level of luxury with the updated design and functional elements that add an even more exclusive touch to the interior of the GLE.With its facelift, the GLE proudly presents the latest innovation: the 5th generation of the multifunction steering wheel, renowned from prestigious models like the E-Class and the S-Class. Available in three variants, including nappa leather, wood/leather, and a multifunction sports steering wheel in nappa leather, it offers unparalleled customization options. The nappa leather and wood/leather versions are exclusively available in black, perfectly harmonizing with the interior aesthetics. Immerse yourself in a modern and inviting atmosphere, enveloped by a contemporary sense of well-being when you step inside the GLE.

The next generation of the multifunction steering wheel and the advanced MBUX multimedia system with a widescreen cockpit further enhance the interior concept. This advanced generation of steering wheels features touch-sensitive, capacitive buttons that respond effortlessly to swiping and tapping motions. Furthermore, the steering wheel rim incorporates capacitive technology, ensuring that your hands can remain on the wheel while engaging with the various assistance systems. Thanks to these cutting-edge capabilities, traditional steering movements are no longer necessary. Elevate your driving experience in the GLE with intuitive control and enhanced comfort, all at your fingertips.