Mercedes-Benz Caribbean: GLB

The new Mercedes-Benz GLB SUV.

Strength. Empowering your independence.

Design with purpose.

An appearance full of character: powerful proportions and expressive design elements characterize the GLB as a strong pragmatist with clear off-road genes . From the front, the upright front section already impresses at first glance with its striking radiator grille and SUV-typical openings. The GLB offers up an impressive sense of spaciousness to its occupants with its long wheelbase and function-oriented design of the greenhouse.

Dynamic Rear-end design.

Off-road look with style. The tailgate forms a powerful conclusion to the distinct design of the GLB. It is horizontally aligned, thus ensuring a particularly wide, dynamic appearance. The simulated underguard on the lower part of the bumper also shows the off-road genes at the rear.

Spacious elegance.

The displays in the GLB are fully digitized - in the cockpit the driver can freely select his / her settings : depending on mood, driving itinerary or personal driving style. The Instrument Display shows all relevant data clearly and in detail . It additionally combines with the media display to create a widescreen cockpit.

Comfort you can shape.

Using the touchpad, you can operate the display of the infotainment system as you would a smartphone. Shift or enlarge the content quite simply with single gestures. Each input is confirmed with haptic feedback. The touchpad records your handwriting should you wish to enter addresses or phone numbers.

Follow your intuition.

Ideal perspectives for sporty driving pleasure and a superior driving experience: the Head-Up Display transforms your windscreen into an exciting digital cockpit. As such you always have a direct view of key information. Your full attention remains on the road and the traffic conditions in front of you.

Versatile interior space.

The seats and cargo volume available in your vehicle are just as diverse as your lifestyle. The third seat row for up to two additional passengers can be quickly folded up or down at any time. Use the flexibility to suit your specific needs – depending on whether you wish to transport other passengers or a large amount of luggage.