Mercedes-Benz Caribbean: C Cabriolet

The C-Class Cabriolet

Never Stop Improving.


The front end design immediately conveys sportiness and lifestyle . Powerful styling features such as the new front bumper and the diamond grille included as standard on the vehicle a strong, individual character. The standard high-performance headlamps make a particularly high-quality impression.

Multibeam LED Feature

The headlamps featuring MULTIBEAM LED technology and ULTRA RANGE are the ideal light image and illuminate the road surface precisely, brightly and broadly. This way you can detect dangers even quicker, without dazzling other vehicles unnecessarily. In addition the light color, which is similar to daylight, spares and takes the strain off your eyes.


The typical convertible interior with integral-look seats exudes a sporty lifestyle and enters the digital age with the model facelift. Seamlessly integrated into the high-class interior design, the fully digital instrument display and the multimedia system meet the highest expectations of a modern cockpit. Perfectly coordinated colors and materials provide numerous individualization options.


The front suspension is a 4-link design. The significant advantage of the four-link front axle Compared with a front axle with three left lies in the more direct steering feel due to the decoupling of steering and damping. Thanks to the design and choice of material of the axle, it has also been able to save weight and thus improve the ride comfort . High-quality materials form the base of the stylish E-Class Saloon, and swept lines emphasize its underlying sportiness.

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