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The new GLC Coupé

Packed with Passion

Unveiling the Perfect Fusion of Design, Space, and Thrilling Performance!

Introducing the all-new second generation of the GLC Coupé, where mesmerizing aesthetics seamlessly blend with ample roominess. Prepare to embark on a driving experience that harmoniously combines high-octane dynamics with the utmost comfort that defines our brand.

Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury with the remarkable features awaiting you. Delight in the cutting-edge MBUX of the NTG 7 generation, elevating your connectivity and infotainment to unprecedented heights. Feel the assurance of advanced driver assistance systems that offer enhanced options for partially automated driving, complemented by the memory park assistant for stress-free parking maneuvers.

Unleash the Perfect Combination of Design, Technology, and Unmatched Comfort!

Prepare to leave a lasting impression on with the GLC Coupé's striking and distinctive design, showcasing its individuality and style. Equipped with advanced technology and a wide array of features, this vehicle is sure to captivate your customers' attention. 

One standout aspect is the unparalleled level of comfort that sets new standards within its segment, exceeding even the highest expectations. The GLC Coupé is built upon the foundation of the comprehensive Advanced package and the AVANTGARDE equipment line, ensuring a truly luxurious experience both inside and out.

Indulge in the extraordinary features designed to enhance your comfort and elevate your driving pleasure. Bask in the natural light streaming through the panoramic sunroof, creating an airy and spacious atmosphere within the cabin. Maximize your comfort with the ENERGIZING Package Plus (PBR) and the Parking Package featuring the Memory Park Assistant. Let these sophisticated systems cater to your needs, ensuring a harmonious and stress-free driving experience.