Mercedes-Benz Caribbean: GLC

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Strength. Driven by dedication.

Treat your eyes to something special.

The facelifted design of the GLC is taking on significantly more off-road character thanks to its muscular surfaces.

Way out in front, even at the rear.

Its striking lines and clear surface design lend the rear an athletic SUV character. The new design of the bumpers and the sporty SUV tailpipe trims are immediately apparent here. And the flattened tail lights feature LEDs as standard for the first time.

Innovative Comfort

The high-resolution media display with touch control plays your multimedia content in razor-sharp quality and with brilliant images. The design of the large display with its extensive glazing will also impress you. The display reacts directly to your touch inputs, as with your smartphone or tablet.

Dynamic Expression

With the AMG steering wheel buttons you can make your steering wheel radically sporty: they allow fast, purposeful control of specific dynamic driving functions. For a focused, concentrated and performance-oriented driving sensation - and an authentic racing car atmosphere in the cockpit

The Experience Is Yours

Using the touchpad, you can operate the display of the infotainment system as you would a smartphone. Shift or enlarge the content quite simply with single gestures. Each input is confirmed with haptic feedback. The touchpad recognises your handwriting should you wish to enter addresses or phone numbers.


The ultra-modern internal combustion engine is extensively electrified. The belt-driven starter performs numerous hybrid functions such as boosting, and recuperates valuable energy when braking. The result is spirited performance with a low fuel consumption