Mercedes-Benz Caribbean: GLE Coupé

The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé.

The avant-garde non-comformist.

Some personalities are hard to miss.

The GLE Coupé is appealing from every perspective - but the profile shows the sporty, elegant character of the vehicle most clearly. An exciting line runs along the entire length of the vehicle. The typical coupé design results in particular from a flat windscreen and a sloping roof line. Also characteristic are elements such as striking side sill panels, SUV-typical wheel arch extensions and large wheels.

Applause for modern luxury and maximum comfort.

The interior combines sporty, elegant aesthetics with a progressive character. The dynamic ambience in combination with free-standing elements and high-quality detail work conveys exclusivity and well-being.

Augmented reality becomes Actual reality.

To help you find your way in complex traffic situations, MBUX Augmented Reality for navigation networks the virtual world with the real one. The technology displays graphical navigation and traffic information in live images. You get to your destination quickly, safely and stress-free.

Bristling with intelligence.

For your perfect view: the adaptive MULTIBEAM LED headlights react to the traffic situation with individually controllable LEDs. The partial high beam cuts out other road users without dazzling them. When the road is clear, ULTRA RANGE high beam increases the range by 150 meters. Turning lights and cornering lights also optimally illuminate the field of vision.

Beauty on the outside. Wellness on the inside.

The ENERGIZING package is a novelty - it offers you comfort for all senses. For this purpose, premium equipment is bundled with innovative intelligence. The fascinating result: your Mercedes can revitalize you in a targeted manner. For longer performance at the wheel and a very pleasant ride.

Your smartphone becomes one with the new GLE Coupé.

The smartphone integration merges the mobile phone with the infotainment system via Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto. This gives you convenient access to the most important applications on your smartphone. You can also use third-party apps such as Spotify quickly and easily.