Mercedes-Benz Caribbean: S Cabriolet

The new Mercedes-Benz

S-Class Cabriolet.

Alluring design.

The S-Class Cabriolet - a dream car with a breathtaking design and sportily classic proportions. Special dynamic highlights are provided by the AMG Line and, based on it, the AMG Line Plus. The wealth of choice is enhanced above all by the enormous range of wheels including two new 20-inch AMG wheels.

Luxury interior.

Like shopping on the luxury mile - those configuring the S-Class Cabriolet can enjoy choosing from a top-class selection: high-quality leather in stylish color combinations, with matching sophisticated trim. There is even a choice of individual fragrances with the AIR-BALANCE package.

The ultimate in open-top comfort.

Your comfort function for the colder days of the year. The AIRSCARF head space heating warms your neck and neck via air outlets in the headrests - like an invisible scarf. So you can reach your destination relaxed and without freezing even at lower temperatures.

Experience open-top driving with maximum comfort.

The AIRCAP automatic draft stop system is an innovation developed by Mercedes-Benz to reduce drafts. After pressing the AIRCAP switch, a wind louvre and a draft stop guide the air flow and push drafts away above the vehicle interior. This noticeably reduces turbulence. For complete cabriolet comfort in all four seats.

Fascinatingly automated.

The S-Class Cabriolet exudes an instinctive awareness of what's right. And it applies its instincts, too - with driving assistance systems that analyse and act even more efficiently.

Individuality at its most alluring.

With the fully automatic fabric acoustic roof, you feel in good hands in your Cabriolet as well as under a solid roof. The special acoustic fleece effectively shields driving and environmental noise and minimizes the background noise in the interior. For a pleasantly quiet travel atmosphere - even at high speeds.

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