Mercedes-Benz Caribbean: S Coupé

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé.

A study in power and poise.

The S-Class Coupé - a dream car with a breathtaking design and sporty, classic proportions. The AMG Line and, based on it, the AMG Line Plus set particular dynamic accents. Above all, the enormous selection of wheels, including two new 20-inch AMG wheels, increases the variety.

Exquisite interior.

Futuristic displays and exquisite materials: an interior with an emotional wow effect. Every look and grip in the S-Class Coupé is a luxury experience and makes the pure passion for automotive engineering tangible.

Augmented reality becomes Actual reality.

Get to your destination faster and with less stress on your nerves with COMAND Online, the navigation in the Mercedes look and feel that is perfectly integrated into the cockpit. Thanks to live traffic traffic information and car-to-x communication, you can easily avoid traffic jams and identify potential sources of danger even earlier.

All-wheel drive – fascinating grip

The 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive is the technological guarantor of the S-Class Coupé's unique refinement. Be it on a slippery surface, at high speed or on fast bends – it ensures forward thrust, stability and effortless superiority.

Tailor-made comfort equipment.

Enjoy modern ease of use and enjoy the playful, easy accessibility of the multimedia functions: Using finger gestures (multi-touch), the touchpad can be operated as intuitively as a smartphone. In addition, the proven controller and direct keys are available for frequently used functions.

Individuality at its most alluring.

With the memory package you can save up to 3 different seating positions and select them comfortably. If the vehicle is used by several drivers and the seat setting changes frequently, the function is particularly practical. In addition to the position of the front seats, the positions of the steering column and exterior mirrors are also saved.

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